I decided that I needed a change. Do you feel like that every so often? In this regard, it was to my blog and website.

I’ve been having a love/hate/love relationship with Git. Git is amazing. Amazingly frustrating sometimes, but amazing none the less. So when I first read about Github Pages I was like…

This is exactly what I need! Version control all the things! (including my blog)

So I began looking into leveraging Github Pages and Jekyll. At first it looked complicated but then I realized I was really over complicating it. One simple fork or a repo later and I have a new site.

But what about all the old content?

I have content reaching back about six years, which astonished me! I can’t leave all that content behind, right?

Yep. I can.

I have no inclination nor drive to reach back and convert all of my SquareSpace posts into Markdown. Now I will convert some of my Michael’s Minutes and reading links because that’s useful to me, but most everything else will just be free electrons.

I’ll still be focusing on technology and systems development. There may be some random thoughts in here as well.

Onward and upward.