I’ve never been good with sitting still. At first, I thought this was something I needed to work on as this was a character flaw on my part. Over time I’ve come to realize that this is something that helps me grow and thrive. I’ve learned to embrace it. And guess what…it’s that time again.

I have left the good folks at Tableau and have started with GitHub.

When I joined Tableau, I set out with specific goals - owning a service end-to-end and taking a break from consulting to spend some quality time with my family. Having been a career consultant, I had always built a solution and most of the time launched it but rarely been on the operations side of managing it. I felt that I was missing a key part in the service management lifecycle. I wanted to experience this, I just didn’t feel well rounded otherwise. Needless to say, I got that with my work at Tableau. Having participated in hackathons, internal tool development and the widely received and very successful Tableau Customer Conference it was such a great experience with awesome and amazing people. They are all very dedicated to the mission of data visualization.

Mona Lisa Octocat says hello!


I started GitHub last week and on-boarding was a blast! They’re mission is clear and they’re determined in execution. I’m happy to be joining a team in the Professional Services org. As a Service Account Engineer, I’ll be engaging customers and helping them integrate GitHub into their development toolchain and processes. I’ll also be evangelizing DevOps principals which is a passion of mine. Super exciting stuff.

You can find me on GitHub.com as @michaelsainz. And if you or your company is interested in learning more, please feel free to ask on Twitter or email.